Friday, 22 April 2011

Back's Deli

Heaton Moor used to be overrun by wine bars and hairdressers. Now it's swiftly becoming overrun with delis. Between Back's and Pokusevski's at the railway end, and Blue Corn and the newly opened Easy Fish Co in Moor Top, lunchtime is now a difficult decision.

Back's sells a wide range of reasonably priced sandwiches, cakes, deli foods (stuffed peppers and vine leaves, potato salad, coleslaw etc) and snacks. To drink, you can get an orange juice pressed in front of you in a contraption that brings to mind a gadgetry tv show for kids.  Or they can blitz you up a smoothie, which at £2.10 for a good-sized (but non-recyclable plastic) container is a healthy bargain.

Rather than a sandwich, I plumped for a selection of deli foods so that I could pick and nibble throughout the afternoon.  Piquant peppers stuffed with really good cream cheese and floating in olive oil.  Some more cream cheese. Olive and sun-dried tomato tapenade made in the kitchen at the back.  Good-quality ham and chorizo. Dense and moist carrot cake with tangy cream cheese icing and a liberal sprinkling of nuts. It was an excellent selection.

The Back's staff are all friendly and there are a few chairs and tables inside for when the weather isn't as glorious as today's.  When in Heaton Moor, do as the Heaton Moorians do and grab delicious and home-made food from one of our delis.

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