Wednesday, 8 June 2011

London - Mooli's

50 Frith St

London W1 DSQ

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Mooli's, a roti-wrap take-out in the heart of Soho, markets itself as hip and fresh, serving "zingy and delicious" food to central London's huddled masses.  For around a fiver for a wrap, they do well to provide you with unusual ingredients and combinations, although the flavouring lacks punch.  The paneer wrap was a lot of salad and not much paneer, although the sauce covering the paneer worked well with both components.  The roti was nothing special, although perfectly passable, and retained its stretch despite contending with a not-inconsiderable amount of sauce.  Considering the lip-smacking heard from the man next to me, the goat roti is the way forward.

For interesting and well-priced food in central London, Mooli's does a good job.  It could do with knocking about 50p off its prices in order to maintain its cheap-and-cheerful-and-quality image, but it won't break your bank, especially because it will keep you filled until your next meal.

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