Monday, 10 October 2011

Moving down to London town

...well, actually, I've already moved down. I'm here doing an MA for a year, so am on a serious budget (under £50 a week). Luckily, I'm game for trying to eat my way around the world without leaving the capital's confines or busting my budget. I'll happily walk everywhere I can in order to put less money on my Oyster and thus have enough for another bowl of pho, or a gozleme (Turkish pancake), or a Trinidadian roti wrap, or a pork baozi (puffy dumpling), or an artisanal ice cream, or some baklava from a specialist baklava bakery, or....well, the list is endless.  So while I might be irregular in my updates, know that I'm still out there finding you (and me) the cheapest, tastiest food I possibly can.


  1. Welcome! There's heaps of bloggers down here to help you out - I tihnk Camberwell and Peckham are quite big in terms of the cheap ethnic eats at the moment...and use urbanspoon too. TPT

  2. hi there. I like your selection of `london eats so far - as you are a regular at Yasar halim's, that means we have similar taste! In that case I can offer you two anonymous tips that I think you might like:
    1) SMAK the Russian shop on Green Lanes a bit Southerly on the other side from YH has knockout smoked fish (cold smoked mackerel / hot smoked trout) and if you haven't tried syrok (small chocolate covered desserts made from sweet cheese) then this is the place to do it.
    2) the best Indian in this part of the world imho is Jashan on Turnpike Lane by the station. I've tried many, many Indians across London and never found one to better this. It is all great, but pahadi kukad (traditional chicken) is my go-to dish.

    Hope you enjoy!