Sunday, 23 January 2011

London - Mixed Blessings Bakery

12-14 Camberwell Road
London SE5 0EN

Beef Patty: £1.00
Bread: £2.00 - £3.00

With a different name and in different circumstances, I probably would never have visited this Walworth bakery.  But I was disappointed after having had a mass-produced chicken patty (like a Cornish pasty but with better fillings) from Bagel King further down the road (the filled dumplings looked home-made, though), and I had been staring at Mixed Blessings from the top of buses ever since I first noticed its unusual name.

Mixed Blessings' beef patty canceled out the mistake I had made at Bagel King.  Whereas theirs was gloopy and bland, with a stodgy and slightly soggy crust that tasted of wet flour, Mixed Blessings' patty was a peppery and meaty beef filling encased in a flaky shell that maintained some stretch and didn't wetly disintegrate once in your mouth.  If I hadn't been so fixated on getting a patty, and if I hadn't been off to visit friends for the weekend, and if I hadn't been full from the substantial Ghanaian food that I had eaten for lunch, I would have investigated Mixed Blessings bread selection more thoroughly.  The shop's sign says that they sell Caribbean and English breads and pastries, but I only saw Caribbean varieties (although it was close to the 6:30pm closing time) - bulla cakes and Jamaican hard-dough loaves dominated the shelves.  I don't know how many people initially go to Mixed Blessings because of its name, but I imagine that it gains more than a few converts to its products that are hard to find home-made elsewhere.

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