Monday, 3 January 2011

New Britannia Fish Bar

109 Heaton Moor Rd
Heaton Moor 
Stockport, SK4 4HY

Small Chips: £1.10
Large Chips: £1.60
Fish: £3.00

Bank holiday and fish and chips, can it get any better?  Not if you get them from the New Britannia on Heaton Moor Rd, that's for sure.

The New Britannia used to be just the plain old Britannia, and was owned by an old Greek couple who were very generous with their portions.  Then their sons came along and added the "New," changed the signage from orange to white, and were slightly less generous, but the £1.10 small portion (small being a misnomer) and the £1.60 large portion are still well-priced for the quantity and quality of the food.

The chips themselves are fat and fresh out the fryer, crisp on the outside from the oil and soft and floury on the inside.  You'll never find an oily or greasy chip here, and their Crispy Bits:Whole Chips ratio is spot on.  The fish (£3.00) is moist inside its light and thin batter coating, falling into satisfying chunks as you plunge in with your fork.

The New Britannia proves that you can still get cheap and good-quality fish and chips even in an area where every other eatery's offerings are either organic, hand-reared or stone-rolled.

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