Sunday, 13 February 2011

I Do Not Want To Go There

On my travels round London, I kept coming across restaurants and cafes that promised combinations of food never previously dreamed of. The least appetising top three were: Thai and Ethiopian deep in Stockwell (I'm not sure injera and green curry is a combination I want to think about for too long) Thai and Egyptian near Oval, and Thai and Caribbean in Brixton.  Clearly some people have cottoned onto the idea that sticking a couple of Thai dishes on the menu might encourage customers to try other dishes from the less well beaten culinary track, but still.  I have eaten fusion food that worked incredibly well, and I love Thai, Ethiopian, Middle Eastern and Caribbean food, but  I have no desire to mix up the incredibly distinct and contradictory flavours of each of those cuisines.

I will continue to look out for other bizarre marriages of cuisines and ingredients now that I am back in Manchester (where there's a Thai and Indian restaurant in the heart of Rushholme).

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