Saturday, 5 February 2011

London - Sara's Food Store

93 Leather Lane
London EC1N 7TS

Lebanese falafel wrap: £3.25
Moroccan falafel wrap: £4.25

Falafel shops are ten-a-penny across the UK, but only those made at this grocery-cum-hardware shop are made by the self-proclaimed Falafel King.  The King is a portly Middle Eastern man, who takes theatrical pride in his mass production of ten wraps at a time, joking with his customers as he ladles hummous, sprinkles tahini, and casually berates the other staff.

There are two varieties of wrap: Lebanese and Moroccan.  The Lebanese version is the kind that everyone knows and loves; a large, round, paper-thin flatbread with little taste in itself, providing a good foil for the distinctive flavours of the wrap's ingredients.  The Moroccan version, whilst smaller and more square, is thicker and is akin to an onion and herb paratha; it has much more robust flavours that complement the bursts of lemon and cumin brought by every bite. 

The falafel are crisp and light, and three per wrap is a good deal.  There is only so much you can say about falafel, however, and instead it is the wrap's accoutrements that really shine.  The cucumber and tomato salad converted me to eating raw tomatoes, thanks to its citrus tang, while the tahini retains the flavour of sesame seeds.  Despite being pounded into shape before going under the grill, the wrap's ingredients retain their flavours, making each bite different and the King worthy of his title.

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